About the project 


The project Europe vs COVID-19 was born out of the observation of the medical crisis due to the diffusion of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in all European member states.

As a result, there is a significant lack of important medical equipment.

This situation is aggravated by the dependency on international trading partners.



To support public institutions, hospitals and other health facilities in a situation which sees normal supply chains and production interrupted while global demand grows simultaneously.  

To contribute to stop the shortage of medical and hygiene equipment and other products needed by these structures.  

To encourage political measures in Europe to avoid bidding fights and stockpiling of goods by one country urgently needed in another member state.  

To provide a foundation to a European production and logistic chain of critical goods with sufficient supply.

How to realize the objectives

By providing public institutions, hospitals and other health facilities with a quick and organized overview of companies that can provide products either immediately or by adapting existing supplies to the currently needed specifications.

By the creation of a European database for companies with products suiting the pharmaceutical sector all over Europe.

For whom

Hospitals, public institutions and other health facilities within the member states of the European Union that equip infrastructures and medical staff during the current state of emergency caused by the diffusion of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

Register your public institution, medical organization or health facility and describe your needs.

All companies in the territory of the member states of the European Union that are able to equip medical staff with necessary supplies. 

With this in mind, we turn to:

  • companies of the chemical/pharmaceutical and healthcare sector and companies with a respective production line;

  • companies that can adopt their production line in a short timeframe to correspond to the demand created by interruptions of supply chains and the virus


Register your company if you can provide necessary products or change your production.

the open letter

The project Europe vs Covid-19 providing a fast and simple platform for companies and medical facilities is one of a series of projects proposed by the initiative Europe acts. An important project is to support an educated debate about solidarity today in the European Union. Therefore, we published a (first) open letter addressing these important questions.

You can find the full open letter as sent to e.g. the European Commission and heads of states under the link.

about us

Arnbjörn and Marika. One German with Icelandic origins and one Italian living in Germany for several years.

European by history, European by education. European in their traditions, values and perspective.

She linguist, he entrepreneur. They cross paths by chance in Bolzano and years later find themselves in Berlin to discuss the coronavirus and the European Union. There is talk of risks and opportunities ‒ for a not yet truly united Europe. There is talk of cooperation and solidarity, there is talk of giving new force to the idea of a united Europe. There is talk of the need for real action in a real crisis.

The idea of a concrete project for the present was born but with the hope that it will be the starting point for future discussions.

The Europe vs COVID-19 project was born.


Marika Francia

is research assistant in the DFG funded project ‘Quantification in Old Italian’ (University of Göttingen/University of Frankfurt).

Prior and in parallel to the linguistics field she was involved as marketing expert in several projects.

She started her work experience as executive assistant at Francia Mozzarella GmbH. Here she later returned as marketing and sales expert with the main task to restructure the sales and marketing department and to increase the sales volume.
Later she worked in a number of European projects responsible for the marketing strategy.

Arnbjörn Eggerz

is the founder and Managing Director of Iceventure with offices in Munich and Berlin, Germany. Prior to founding Iceventure, Arnbjörn Eggerz worked in the financial sector (banking/family office) and has several years (12+) of startup/SME/corporate and institutional project consulting in Germany, Italy and Iceland.

He is one of the initiators of the Batteriestammtisch, a leading network in Germany on energy storage in Munich, Bavaria.  

He also initiated an EU inter-regional project in the field of innovation.

Thanks to all our supporters


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